2015 Summer Vacation

The weather has been great, except for a few storms, and it’s made for some great semi-vacation time.

Semi-vacation: still going to work and have frequent time scheduled that it doesn’t seem like you’re really working.

I got to celebrate one of my best friends/sister’s oldest graduating high school! Graduation time is my favorite time of year! (other than the autumn).

Get it? I have such a clever friend.

I then went to western Pennsylvania for a family reunion and got to drive through the most beautiful back roads in Lancaster:


Lancaster is gorgeous when you take the back roads and avoid the year round tourists.

I went to the drive in and saw Minions and Inside Out:


It was such a gorgeous night and I learned that my mom’s car can’t turn off it’s headlights. We had the windows down and had to listen to the movie from other cars. I’m so glad the neighboring vehicles were pick up trucks and everyone was sitting on their lawn chairs with the volume loud. HAHAHAHA.

My mom’s side of the family consists of hunters and gatherers. My mom and I are the city folk (but she can’t forget her roots!) and I get the wise cracks for my lack of knowledge or life style. I learned that Facebook can make it easier for them to make jokes to my face 🙂


I kept up with my planks, there were a few sugar splurges and I got to catch up with family and spend time joking around. My Pappy lost a bet when the Steelers lost to the Browns and he had to wear a Browns t-shirt the entire family reunion. He wore it over top of another t-shirt because ‘such a t-shirt’ should not touch his skin. Ahahahahaha

Where did you go on vacation? Where are you going on vacation?!


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