Saturday Bits #15

It’s mid-February already! Not to sound anxious or anything, but it’ll be March in two weeks and then before you know it my mom’s birthday (April 8th), then mine and then Mother’s Day…

I’ve been rifling through ideas for gifts and let my mom know I’m already thinking about her birthday. It should be known by now that I’m a very early planner when it comes to gifts, birthdays, etc. I definitely need to be on top of this one because when I asked my mom what she wanted for Christmas the answer I got was, “something rose gold.” You know what she wanted last year for her birthday? Something rose gold. I got her something rose gold for both holidays. For her birthday I put together a really lovely Origami Owl necklace. For Christmas I bought her rose gold spray paint so she could make anything she wanted rose gold! hahahaha

Otherwise here are some other tidbits of what’s been going on:

RAY LAMONTAGNE AND WILCO HAVE PHILADELPHIA CONCERT DATES. I’m overly excited about this. June is going to be an awesome month. Oh, and the new Lumineers song? I instantly had it stuck in my head. O-O-Ophelia…

My friend Lil and I are trying to get some dates figured out for her visit. This morning while I was baking cookies I realized it has been five years since we’ve seen one another. Thank God for the internet! It doesn’t feel like five years.

I finished rereading Blue Like Jazz. I’m so glad I read it again at 30. There are some books that are meant to be reread because of the new knowledge that you learn between readings. This is one of those books for me. Just like rereading She’s Got Issues. I’m in a whole different place than I was when I first read those books. In the last year/year and a half I read a lot of fiction because it mentally put me in another world. There are some non-fiction books I’ve put aside and need to get to them!

I’m really pumped because I’ve had plans to build a headboard for my bed and a friend of mine secured some key pieces that I’ve been looking for! I’m really excited to get this project rolling. For the last year I’ve been going through my belongings, making plans to build some furniture, making a list of key pieces to buy for myself and get some key decor pieces. In addition to this, I’m still working on my closet project. I don’t own a dresser and have been creative with storing different types of clothes.

This week has been a slightly boring and exhausting week. Anything exciting this week took place on the internet: concert dates, finding new blogs to read, reading other stuff on the internet, blah blah blah the internet. I also had a lot of personal bests during my training sessions this week! That’s pretty exciting!

How was your week?! Any projects you are working on? Craft or House projects?

What books are your favorite to reread? I’d love to check them out!


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