Bath & Body Works Post-Christmas Haul!

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Sarah had posted about her free hand lotion and I mentioned my haul when I commented on her post. She replied with, “write about your sale shopping!”  If you don’t already read lifewithlilred, then mosey on over and check Sarah’s blog!

I’m not the biggest B&BW fan, but the store has grown on me. When I was the pre-teen age all I wanted to was Country Apple and Peach Nectar body spray. That was the 90s when B&BW wasn’t all the rage and as accessible as it is now. Well, that’s the perspective from me then 11, 12, 13 year old shoes to 30 year old shoes. In the last 6 years I would go to B&BW maybe twice a year to stock up on soap for my bathrooms and for hand sanitizer. 

Over the summer I got an email about how they were bringing back scents from the 90s and all I thought about was Country Apple and Peach Nectar body spray! Unfortunately, I showed up nearly a week after they were done with it. The sales assistant saw how bummed I was and I said, “all I wanted was to buy all the Country Apple imaginable.” That’s when she introduced me to Beautiful Day! It has apple undertones and it’s a very fresh scent. Since they had a promotion going I walked away with three body sprays, several shower gels and body scrubs.


I went in before Christmas and stocked up on soap, my favorite being the Santa Suds. What does Santa Suds smell like? Ho-Ho-Honeycrisp. Do you know what my favorite apples are? HONEYCRISP. The day after Christmas my mom and I went to the local B&BW where my grandfather lives and I was all gung ho that I’d buy every Santa Suds soap in the place.


However, there was an amazing clearance sale happening and I found other Rachelle Renee approved apple scents: Perfect Autumn Day and Suncrisp Apple Harvest. With the exception of the four Beautiful Day products in the photo, I cleared the clearance section of their apple scents.

I have really sensitive skin and I am able to use these products without having a reaction. These shower gels do not dry out my skin, I feel clean after using them and the scent lingers lightly after a shower. When I opt to use the body spray instead of perfume, I spray myself before getting dressed and a few spritzes afterwards. The scent stays all day and I’m satisfied with the product. I really like the body scrub and the scent post-shower is slightly stronger than when you use the shower gel.

While my skin is sensitive to products, Bath and Body Works does provide a great product for sensitive skin. I’m not a huge fan of crazy, strong scents, but I’m overjoyed with finding several apple scents that I can use throughout the year! I will stop into B&BW more often to check out their products and see what’s new and seasonal.

I later found out that I can order Country Apple online! They now have a new scent, Pretty As A Peach, that just might be my Peach Nectar reincarnate!

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? Favorite product? What’s your favorite seasonal product/scent?


6 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Post-Christmas Haul!

  1. I have a serious addiction to things that smell. Soaps, air fresheners, candles, lotions, anything. ANYTHING. Which boils down to – I LOVE B&BW. And they always have amazing deals. I have the same ‘preteen’ memories as you lol. It was a popular store when I was young because of the prices and girly smells. It was amazing. My favorite smell by them is called “Country Chic”. I’m not even sure if they have it anymore since I haven’t been there in awhile. I use their Wallflowers, too. 🙂 I used their Amber shampoo/conditioner for a long time as well. Yeah.. you’ve inspired me to go shopping lol. Thanks

  2. Do you remember when their decor was more ‘country chic’?! The nearest mall to the small town I moved to, well, where I live, has a B&BW. I was bored, wanted to know what was around me and that’s the only reason I walked into the store. I started using their car scent thingies which are pretty nice, but don’t last very long!! DO ALL THE SHOPPING! You’re welcome 🙂

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