Saturday Bits #16

This week has been so… rough. Yes, rough would be the right word. So many things went wrong. iy yi yi.

Anyways, aside from things going wrong and having some serious down and emotional moments I’ve been reading new blogs and searching for other blogs for projects I’m doing/planning to do and I want to write some posts about them to share.

The best moment this week was being able to celebrate a milestone with a new and dear friend of mine. They celebrated being one year sober! I am so proud and so honored to know them!

I’m in the process of minimizing all of my belongings, organizing and packing things to move later this year. I want to donate items long before I make the move and also pack/label boxes with rarely used or seasonal things. I haven’t fully taken on the Marie Kondo method, but I’m getting there! Have any of you read her book? What do you think about all the hype?

I haven’t had a chest of drawers since I was 13 or 14. I had to get creative with storing my clothes under my bed and using the fabric shoe storage in the closet for all my t-shirts. I’m thinking of building my own dresser or shelves for storage bins (like these) to put my things.

I’ve also been thinking of building my own desk, just like this one because I have the wood and all the means to do so. I like how minimal it is and I can sit on my yoga ball… OR BUY ANOTHER YOGA BALL AS MY SEAT. Which, obviously, is exciting!

Since I have the ability to build easy and functional furniture, I want to take advantage of that and be able to have my own furniture that I made. I am currently in the process of finalizing my headboard for my bed with a vintage door that a friend found for me. Eventually I’ll get a footboard, but I just want a headboard so my pillows stop falling behind the bed!

So this has been more of a DIY stream of thoughts/plans. What are your favorite DIY projects? What has been your most challenging project? Any suggestions or advice for me?!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!







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