Things I’d Like to Learn From Blogging

This year I’d like to dive more into blogging. I want to be more consistent with my posting, which hasn’t happened yet, and just share. I’ve gone through phases with blogging, yet my own writing in my journal is consistent and extremely transparent. As I was writing in my journal during some dark days, I thought about how beneficial it would be if I shared more like this on my blog. Gone are the days of LiveJournal when I did share such things.

I want to document more of my adventures. If I’m going to a cool event, a concert, or a local spot then I want to share it! If I’m playing Pac-man with my neighbors until late into the night, then you can get a photo of that. It’ll most likely include dogs that are waiting to go to bed.

Better time management. When push comes to shove, I’ll [obviously] not write the posts I’d like to write and carry on with other things I need to do. I haven’t made this the priority I want it to be. I think about blogging, a lot, but I need to DO it. In general, I really need to better with managing my time. Too often I have a list to accomplish and I bite more off than I can chew.

I want to make meaningful connections. I’ve met some of the most amazing people from the internet. I’m not looking for new best friends, but I want to connect with others who are in similar shoes. Do you struggle with your faith some days? Have you been through deep, dark depression? Are you single and thought your life might have gone a different way? Do you just like reading about other people’s life? Let’s connect!

I want to be more creative with my content. If I’m going to interact more on my blog, then I want to push my creativity. I’d like to be more creativity with my writing topics, maybe some photo challenges, and perhaps videos later on.

Maybe some collaborations? I’d love to work with other bloggers and do some collab work. Why not?! This leads me to my next thing…

I’d like to be more active on social media. I used to tweet all the time! Well before I started to get interested in blogging again. I love getting on twitter and catching up on news of all kinds and finding new blogs to read, but I need to tweet more and promote myself more. This will be a new aspect of blogging to really learn about.

Learn more about how blogging works on all levels. This would tie in to being more active on social media. It’d be great to work with some brands, other blogs,

I don’t want to be another Insert Label Here blogger. I love make-up. I love food. I like shopping. I love my faith. I don’t have the interest in devoting content to something specific… I really like living a rounded lifestyle.

What blogging goals have you made for yourself? Have you accomplished them? Still working on them? Advice or suggestions?!


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