Monday Life Update

I really need to get back to my Saturday morning coffee posts.

Instead I’ve been caught up watching The Time in Between on Netflix when I have my coffee. I got sucked into this show and have really enjoyed it! I was shocked to see there are 17(?) episodes and I’m about half way through.

Speaking of coffee, I was ELATED to find one of my three local Wawa’s is still selling their Holiday Blend. I loved getting 3/4 dark roast and the rest filled with the Holiday blend. IT’S SO GOOD!


I’m so grateful for knowing the people I’ve met in life. Over the last several weeks I have socialized with various groups of friends and when I thought about all the people I got to see and talk to lately, I felt so grateful. They’re people who helped mold me into the human I am and are part of so many memories. I had one of those In Awe of Life Moments when thinking about it.wp-1487535827847.png

I celebrated my friend Katie’s birthday. She’s been one of my best friends since college and all of our other college friends were there. We’re all goofballs.


I finally got to exchange Christmas gifts with one of my best friends, Ann. We know each other too well, had a tab at the coffee shop, and closed it down. I’m very particular about mixed drinks, but I’m pumped to give the Founder’s Day Punch a try.


I watched A Man Called Ove. I laughed, I got really teary eyed, and was texting my Persian sister the whole time about how she needed to see the movie STAT. So do you!

Pancakes are one of my weaknesses and I love these Jamie Oliver One-cup pancakes are a favorite. I like that the recipe doesn’t include sugar and you can sweeten up your pancakes with Nutella, jam, honey, or maple syrup. I prefer nutella and jam. Jam is my top choice for pancake toppings. Leslie Knope prefers waffles, but my Valentine’s Day was spent with pancakes!

Last night we had a Neighborhood Family Sunday Dinner and I baked curried-coconut sweet potato tea cake. My friend Kathleen, who made the cake above, voted that I needed to cover one in chocolate, so I did! We had shrimp and cheesy grits for dinner. They were so good I didn’t take a picture.


In between all of this, I’ve been working with my mom part time for her company and did my taxes. I like getting my taxes done STAT. One year I had issues and it turned out it wasn’t even my error, but I was still penalize because of how late in the year the government notified me. I fought it and it was determined to not be my fault and was refunded. That experience changed my timeline of getting taxes done!

Anyone else experiencing a real slap of adulting because your tax return money is going towards things like your yearly car insurance, new car tires, or other non-fun things?







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