Saturday Bits: Allergies, Tissues, and Muskrats

Let’s get back into the routine of sharing bits and pieces of what I’m up to, interested in, and what nots, shall we? Despite how it seems, these have always been my favorite posts to write.

This I’ve been homebound since Tuesday afternoon. I woke up with this awful sore throat, went to work anyways, and left a few hours later. My throat and everything progressed rather quickly and it turns out I have/had (I’m still house bound, but perkier in my mood) an ‘elevated’ sinus infection and flu-like symptoms. I’m filled with antibiotics and tea and vitamins and soup and less snot. My week hasn’t been too eventful due to this, but I’m thankful that I have a job with great health care and that I haven’t been this year in several years.

When I left work early on Tuesday I had stopped to get some supplies since I knew I wasn’t leaving the house for the next few days, other than my doctors visit, and I saw gem:


Do you hunt muskrat? Do you catch it? Do you build catching contraptions? Um, I’m from the city. I don’t know these things. I have neighbors who build crab catching cages and they own a well-known local seafood business, which is awesome because I love crab meat, but muskrat? It has rat in the name..

Let me tell you about these Frozen tissues:


See how they say ‘cool touch’? THAT’S NO LIE. When you touch those tissues they are actually cool to the touch. They stay cool. Like, if you keep it in your pajama pants pocket or stuff unused tissues under your pillow and find them later they are still cool. They don’t lose their cool-ness. They’re magical and the same price as the other tissues. Great advertising and great product Kleenex, PLEASE KEEP MANUFACTURING THESE!

I finished watching The Time in Between/El Tiempo Entre Costuras and I was bummed to finish it, but it ended well and I throughly enjoyed the story line and how they didn’t bring all the story lines/character relationships to an end.

I’m loving the new Ellie Holcomb album Red Sea Road. Her songs have always hit me pretty deep and pulled on the heart strings. They are songs that have had multiple meanings for me depending on what’s going on when I’m deeply listening to her songs.

As an early/late birthday present I bought tickets to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at The Mann. I listened to Dave Matthews for over 20 years and I’ve never seen him and Time Reynolds. I really listen to Dave Matthews Band albums from the beginning up until, kinda, Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King. The album was a little hard for me to get into, not sure why, but I’ve always loved their live stuff and anything with Tim Reynolds. I’m super excited to go and enjoy great live tunes in one of my absolute favorite summer venues.

In addition to being sick all week, it’s been absolutely gorgeous outside. It’s been about 70 all week and sunny. I looked outside around 6:30 the other night and got confused because it was completely dark, yet really warm. Duh, it’s still February. This warm weather really threw me off and I expected to see some light when I looked outside.

Anyways, how was your week? Do people eat muskrat where you live? What have you been up to?!


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