Tulips Galore! My annual visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show

Thankfully, I recovered from my sinus/flu sick/gross-ness and my post-antibiotics sickness (ugh, now I need to get tested to make sure I’m not allergic to antibiotics) just in time to enjoy the Philadelphia Flower Show.


It provides inspiration for me to have some gardening goals, enjoy the hard work and creativity of others, and time to spend with friends in my hometown.

This year’s theme is Holland: Flowering the World and the Netherlands were well represented. There were windmills, wooden shoes, loads of tulips, canals, and bicycles. I love how creative these designers were with bicycles. It was definitely one of my favorites parts of the show, other than the entrance.

Upon entering the show you saw a gorgeous bridge surrounded by tulips. Underneath the bridge you saw the blue and white ceramic tiles, which I recall seeing so often as a kid surrounded by the Pennsylvania Dutch. The succulents underneath the bridge were impressive… I really want to successfully grow succulents.



Right after the bridge you were underneath this amazing installation of flowers hanging from the ceiling. Every 20ish minutes a light show took place and complimented the installation’s rainbow of colors. Techno-like music played as the lights danced and it was a really awesome way of bringing the modern part/night life in Amsterdam to the show.


My high school has a horticulture curriculum and every year they create a display for the flower show. Their display was a portrayal of Anne Frank’s house.



Seriously, check out all of the bikes!



University of Delaware’s display


There was an archway filled with orchids hanging from the ‘ceiling’. I have several orchids that I’ve kept alive for a couple years and are starting to bloom right now, so I was pretty pumped to be surrounded by orchids and see all the different kinds.




Who knew blue tulips existed?!


Next up was the Butterfly Live! exhibit, which never gets old.


I then got to meet a Lego man and enjoy lunch and a few beers at The Dandelion.


It’s always great to go home, walk around the city, have a great meal, and window shop.

If you get a chance to enjoy the Flower Show, please do! It’s going until Sunday March 19th and even though it’s bitter cold, you can find plenty of things to do close by before or after viewing all the gorgeous flower displays!







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