Happy (belated) New Year! Let’s talk resolutions? goals? plans?

I’m not fond of resolutions or had really committed to making a resolution.  I like the idea of goals and planning, I’m someone who likes to make plans, but this stuff has always been something I’ve failed at.  I rather think of it as ‘making a commitment and following through.’

So with it being the new year and all, I’ve opted to read a lot of what people had to say about making resolutions and what you should do instead of making resolutions.  I took the time to do this because there are some changes/improvements that I need to make for myself.  And honestly, I’m just not sure how to get my freakin’ butt in gear with this stuff.


So, here’s what I’ve read:


Jon Acuff’s 52 & 7

I’ve written in my journal about this.  I’m committed to this idea, because it’s a

great way to keep what you like and don’t like.  This is realistic for me.


10 Things Wrong With Your New Year’s Resolutions via Time Management Ninja

What’s great about this: time management is on my list of things to improve.

It needs serious improvement.


A new year in Christ: 8 new ways to live – Pastor Mark Driscoll – The Washington Post


13 Signs You Need to Get Unstuck via Relevant Magazine

(I get the magazine, but you should totally sign up to unlock the full article)


5 Ways to Slow Down in 2013 via Relevant Magazine

After living in France, I realized how I tend to not slow down.  Some days I get

flashbacks of rushing into the kitchen and being asked why I’m moving so fast

in the morning and I responded with how I tend to run late and I need to get to

my day and the woman I lived with simply said, “the whole world runs late! stop!”

My French family certainly shared some day to day wisdom with me.


5 Questions to Begin 2013 – Nicole Unice

This was an extensive journal entry for me.  I plan to write and share about it

on here!


How to Pick New Year’s Values – Renee Fisher via iBelieve

I like values, not goals or resolutions, but values to improve.


Do you remember? – Seth Godin

Love this.  Resolutions rarely work, so take inventory.  I should be able to take an

inventory on life, especially if I do that for my vegan pantry to plan for my bulk shopping.


Have you read anything about resolutions and goals for the new year that has inspired you?

Do you have a plan?


HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!


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