book review: Peas and Thank You

I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for a cookbook release.  Sure, I’ve been excited to get them in mail after making a hefty Amazon purchase, but I’ve been WAITING for this book to show up on my doorstep since I’ve found out Mama Pea was publishing it.  Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love FINALLY showed up on my doorstep.

She doesn’t know this, but her blog really helped me transition to becoming more vegan.  Her recipes helped me expand my palate and explore vegan baking.  I’ve used numerous recipes and have opened up my family to new meals.  These recipes are fast and easy to make, simple ingredients, and they’re filling.

I’ve loved reading her blog and how she writes her posts.  Her book is chockfull of the same content – meaningful stories, beautiful and hilarious photos (her daughters are absolutely adorable) , and easy to read/understand recipes.  She takes the time to review pantry items that are staples for those who keep a vegan kitchen and includes some thoughts and opinions on some items. (I never thought about grinding my own flaxseeds!).  You’re not looking for bizarre ingredients to complete a Mama Pea recipe, you just need to visit your local super market.

A recipe that I’m always making is mmmmmm sauce.  Stick on veggies in a wrap, dip your veggies in it, stick it in a sandwich, or have a couple of spoonfuls of it.  I’ve made the Cinnamon Toast Cereal, which has been enjoyed by the whole family (this isn’t in the book, but it’s one of my fave recipes).  Lulu’s Mac and Cheese is a great recipe and proves you can still experience a ‘cheesey’ taste minus the cheese.  Because I loved (loved loved loved) the Coconut Curry Kale Stew, I know I’ll love the Curry in a Hurry.

Have a sweet tooth?  That’s good, because you’ll really enjoy these vegan dessert recipes!  The one recipe you absolutely have to try is the double chocolate/single chin brownies.  If chocolate, cakes, cookies, or brownies aren’t you thing, then you can definitely satisfy yourself with a smoothie (Mama’s Margarita Smoothie, anyone?).

This is a recipe book that you’ll definitely want to own (and buy for friends and family).  I know my mom is pretty excited about this one, because I’ve heard her giggle reading the blog and say ‘ooooh, that sounds good!’.  Plus, my mom is just as passion about pickles as Lulu (that includes the peanut butter and pickle combo, which is good… it’s a snack I grew up on).

And even more important, these are recipes that my brother has been able to tolerate.  He’s a meat eater, but is really open to eating almost anything.  The catch is, he has colitis and has been able to eat Joe Friendly versions of these recipes (a little less spice with certain things).

Mama Pea, thank you for sharing your talent with the world.  You’ve truly been blessed and will be a blessing to others as they explore healthy eating 🙂


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