an end to my [unexpected] hiatus & reflecting on 2011

Hey friends!

I hope you’ve all made it through the holiday season in one piece!

2011 was full of events I never expected!  I had some resolutions that I followed through with and some that were created along the way.  There were amazing and unfortunate family moments; as well as experiencing some of the most heart warming conversations I’ve ever had.

Prior to my October Holiday, I didn’t expect to neglect my blog.  I have written some posts on various pieces of paper as I’ve thought of things that I wanted to share and had typed up some posts and had never hit ‘Publish’.  Prior to my holiday, my dad was in the hospital and I was packing because as of 11th October I had a new home 🙂

I tended to things with my dad, packed my belongings, packed for holiday, came back from holiday, unpacked, then packed more things, my dad was in the hospital again, moved, Thanksgiving, unpacking, more unpacking, planning surgery, very little Christmas shopping, and finally I had my surgery and Christmas came!


One of my goals of 2011 was to live and walk in more peace.  All too often I would let anxiety get the best of me.  In response I would sleep a lot more and look like I haven’t slept.  It wasn’t pretty and I tested a lot of different under eye concealers.  I achieved living in peace, sleeping better, and keeping the anxiety away.  My relationship with God has grown and I’ve been able to identify even more little things that I was trying to grasp control of that caused me anxiety.

This goal was my focus.  I did really well with it.  I can’t say I’ve achieved it, because it’s something that will always be  tending to.

One thing that I didn’t expect to happen was converting to maintaining a mainly vegan diet.  There’s the occasional piece of fish and slice of pizza.  And I won’t lie, I really love crab meat.  My palate has changed and greatly expanded.  I’ve always been interested in various foods and experimenting; however, I find that omitting meat from my diet has allowed me to cook and experience a lot more than having meat in my diet.

I took the time to have more conversations.  I had amazing conversations with people who encouraged me to start this blog.  I’m still having those conversations that have kept the inspiration and ideas going… I just need to be consistent with hitting the power button to my macbook!

I’m glad to be back and in the midst of a renovation!



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