Proverbs Ch. 3 & 4

Since moving to the sticks, my internet is so-so.  Actually, my internet just sucks and I have Verizon and Comcast lines running in front of my house to service the developments that are less than a mile from my home.  I’ve called Verizon and Comcast on a regular basis and they keep insisting that they don’t service my street.  They’re right, they don’t service my street because no one else on my street actually has the internet.  So, we all have hot spots.  And, for the record Hughes Net sucks.

Sorry, moving on!

In Chapter 3 we’re reading more about the theme of wisdom being the true guide to living life.  As I read, I noticed all the promises that are given to us if we follow this path of wisdom.  However, these promises are conditional.  They’re only ‘work’ given that we choose to follow a path of wisdom and giving our whole heart and life to the Lord (v. 5-6).  In verse 7 we’re told not to be wise in our own eyes: Have you ever noticed how that can get you in trouble?

You think you understand, have a plan, know what to do, have it all figured out, or will “wing it” and ‘it’ will fall into place.   I don’t know about you, but ‘it’ never fell into place for me.  Even in the long run when I look back and reflect on the decisions I made thinking that it would end up to the right place, I see that those decisions were leading more to the place I wanted to avoid all along!

What specifically do you have difficulty trusting God with? 

Chapter 4 moves along in a very serious direction: Do not stray.  Listen to the instructions that you have been given.

We are to guard our heart.  When you read about your heart throughout the Bible, it’s referencing the area where thought,  life, imagination, and soul operates.  Therefore, what goes into your heart controls what will come out of your being.  It will contaminate the wonderful thoughts, life, imagination, and soul that you were meant to have.

Your heart allows you to lead, instruct, parent, communicate, speak, have relationships, and dare I say, even controls how your money is spent.  Jesus doesn’t want to control our hearts or behavior, but help us improve and live more freely.

With the new year just starting, are there things that you want to make sure come into your heart?  Are there things that you need to remove or alter?



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