I accidentally disappeared!

My day job is in it’s busiest season.  I had such a crazy week that required an insane amount of energy.  By the end of the day Monday, I just knew my week wasn’t going to be what I wanted/planned for.  However, I go through it and I was super relaxed and maintained really good sleeps.  I’m just so thankful for that because I’ve struggled with stress, anxiety and sleeplessness in reaction to such weeks/days.  I just couldn’t help but wake up extra smiley knowing that I was doing so well, recognizing and being grateful for this change in my life!

I drank a lot more coffee than normal.

I used a lot more concealer than normal.

I also got to recreate and make a better version of a pizza recipe I was going to post last week.  Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get to post that?

Anything throw you off track lately?  How do you typically react in such situations?


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