Office Wear

I’ve had a few conversations lately about office wear and Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie.  You know what?  I think Mark Zuckerberg should be able to wear his hoodie on Wall Street or wherever he wants.  He’s proved himself as someone who can handle business and takes it seriously.  He’s had to make some serious decisions.

I don’t think I should have to wear a business suit to be taken seriously.  Sure, presentation does mean something; but, I don’t think I have to take away my personality to prove I’m serious or that I’m capable for a job.  I’ve added some flair to business attire here or there… but I still felt boring.

Right now, I’m taking part in a business venture that requires some professional dressing up.  I’m not too into it.  I’m trying to be creative and sneaky, but I’m still getting that eyeballed up and down look.

At least I iron my clothes.  Geeze.  I may own too many spray bottles of Downy Wrinkle Release (seriously, it’s the best), but that’s only for emergencies.


Thoughts? Opinions?

Do you need to ‘dress up’ for work? business attire or business casual? Or, can you just slap on jeans and t-shirt?


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