I’m baaaack!!

It’s been a long summer.

I wanted to take the time to explore more on the weekends and my eyes weren’t really into spending a lot of time on the NerdBox.  I’m still, geographically, adjusting to my move and learning about what’s around me.

Summer is over.

School buses are everywhere and it’s annoying.

And my never ending stash of Festina Pêche is gone.

I will abandon day trips to the beach for day trips to Annapolis or Baltimore.

My little friends are finding new homes (my garage).

My raw diet has given way to lots of roasted veggies and baking.

Iced coffees are now replaced with hot hot delicious Australian coffee and rainy mornings.

My adventures were local, cheap and relaxing. No summer vacation fuss here.

so, how you doin’? 


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