Saturday Bits

bon samedi!

I can’t believe it is Saturday already! It felt like the longest week ever because I had some crazy sinus migraines during the week. They were so bad I couldn’t put my contacts in. I put them in during my trainings, because glasses and sweat and weight training isn’t a desirable combination, but the couple hours weren’t too bad.

Listens: I am downloading the new Carly Rae Jepsen as I type this. A friend had said that it’s really good and I’ll really enjoy it while I’m working out. I’m a little exhausted of my current playlist and need to update it… any suggestions for good work out songs? What does your playlist consist of? Any good full albums for a workout?!

Eats: Um, I got that email from Starbucks about the new Strawberry Shortcake frap… OH MAN. I might splurge and try it today. It’s either that or a cake pop from Sweet Melissa’s Cookies! Oh, the temptation! I’ve been eating SO CLEAN! We’ll see what happens.

iPhone vs. Android: I have an Android phone and I really like it, but I have a Macbook and an iPod and I can’t transfer pictures unless it’s through my Google Drive. Which, is good, but I miss having things go straight to iPhoto. There’s also DropBox as an option… ugh. WHY SO MANY OPTIONS?! Here’s another question for you all: What’s your best or favorite way to put your photos onto your computer?

Skin care: Last weekend I mentioned my skincare routine and I plan to post about my current routine for Make-up Monday (shall I call it MUM?!). I am starting a new regimen tonight, since I have evening products and day products to try out. I’ve had such a basic routine and really need a bit of am ooomph! to liven up my skin. (of course, this is all in addition to a lot of life style changes that have been made).

Reviews: I’ve been investing in some new products in general.. I’ve kept to the same routine for so long and needed to jazz it all up and see what’s on the market! I plan on writing about my new (to me) finds and other new items that come out. Plus, I’ll provide posts about my empties.

This evening I’m going to a 16 year old’s birthday party. I’m excited that I was asked to be part of their celebration, but at the same time teenagers today are so intimidating! Cellphones weren’t smart and I skipped school to hang out at record stores, haha.

So what are you up to this weekend?!


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