Wow. August turned out to be busier than I expected. I’m not going to make a lofty goal of posting everyday for September, because I already missed yesterday! I had a few planned busy-ish days, but didn’t post everyday like I wanted. However, I did get my act together with some personal things. That’s the… Read More


Randall had a panic attack and we’ve been outed on tv

I’m finally 100% after my sinus/allergies/flu issue and had a conversation with a good friend the other night regarding the show This Is Us. For both of us, the first reason it caught our attention was Milo Ventimiglia. (I’m a proud Team Jess member). The second reason was because it looked like it’ll be similar… Read More Randall had a panic attack and we’ve been outed on tv

Life Update

I imagined today to go a bit different: wake up, get a run/walk/jog thing in, shower/breakfast, write a Saturday Tid Bits, get my mail, sit at the dealership for an oil change & recall fixing, hit the ATM and get some groceries. Enjoy a Saturday evening writing some other posts and food prepping, blah blah… Read More Life Update

Seven days ago Scott Weiland was found dead on their tour bus as a result of an overdose.His ex-wife wrote a letter on regarding his addiction and requesting not to glorify his death. I’m not a huge fan of Stone Temple Pilots, other than singing along to their songs on the radio growing up, but… Read More