2015… the year of SO MUCH!

This year was quite the year for me a lot of highs and a lot of lows. I’ve said this before, but I haven’t had such an emotional season of life since my parents separated (and that wasn’t because I was sad about it). My brother passed last November, then Christmas and New Years was thrust upon me and left me with a lot of thinking and grieving.

In January I applied for a new job, on a whim, and was offered the job! It meant I would have a shorter commute and learn a lot more in different programs and expand my professional skill set.

In February I finished out projects at my old job, took three weeks off and then started at my new job at the very end of the month. The night before my last day of work I saw Brooke Fraser at one of my favorite venues in the world, World Cafe. Then two days later I went to Disney World with my mom! It was my first time there and I denied other social opportunities to go to Disney because I wanted to go with my mom… she watched all the movies with me and heard me sing the soundtracks at the top of my lungs. Plus, it was more enjoyable with someone who shared the childlike wonder and amazement of what was in front of your face.

Brooke Fraser at World Cafe
My mom and I at Ohana.
Philadelphia Flower Show

March was a month of adjustment. I was adjusting to the new schedule with my new job, going through more changes with learning all sorts of new things at work, still going through the actions of mourning, re-doing the things I wanted to accomplish in this year (I had more time, a whole new schedule.. why not!) and started to really think about blogging more. With having extra time meant I had less distractions and less to do, which lead to more time to think, to recognize events that have happened in my life, and take care of myself more.

Peep Latte from my local coffee shop.

April was the month of celebrating 30 years! I turned 30 and celebrated with friends and family. My mom turned 51 and my brother would have turned 27. We celebrated our birthdays by baking one another our birthday cakes, dinners out, get togethers with friends and I had people over one afternoon for cake, food and laughs. Lots of laughs. I also went to a conference and heard Madeleine Albright speak.

Almond Joy Birthday cake!


In May I got to have new work experiences and really see what their busy time is like. My last job was busy all year round with very little down town. A normal day in my old job is a busy day at the new one. It has been quite the adjustment, but it’s been great learning lots of new things. In May I also got to see Ben Folds with yMusic. He puts on an amazing show and I’ve seen him at least a dozen times.

Ben Folds and yMusic at World Cafe.

June was Taylor Swift’s Philadelphia tour stop and my friend Tina and we sang our hearts out and danced and danced! This month I also started more yoga and weight training. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It gave me new goals for myself and really built up my confidence in ways I didn’t expect.


I look forward to July for several reasons: an extra day or long weekend for the 4th, Bastille Day and our family reunion.


Eastern State Penitentiary

In August I experienced my first demolition derby thing. It was an experience that doesn’t need to be relived. I wasn’t impressed or shocked or bored, just amused. Yes, it was amusing to take in the crowd and what they were watching! I also started more in depth weight training by getting a trainer. This pushed me even more and held me more accountable. I started to learn that my self accountability was lacking and this motivation was just what I needed! My friend Kristin and I also went to the Gilmore Guys Town Hall Meeting because we’re total Gilmore Girls nerds! It was hilarious and if they did a tour every year, I’d go. HAHA, why not discuss every episode and the pop culture references over and over again?

September wasn’t the most exciting month, but it was welcomed. I had a fun event planned until a work event was rescheduled. But it rolled into a very busy October and me learning what it is like to over commit yourself. I had a Banquet for church, saw teenagers go to Homecoming and enjoyed the small town Homecoming parade, trained even more and harder, saw a local production of Sweeney Todd, went to a coworkers wedding, two Halloween parties, making my costume, going to Boston and more than several dinner gatherings with friends. Phew.


I was overjoyed with November starting and not having anything planned other than seeing Madeleine Peyroux and Thanksgiving dinner. However, my mom had emergency surgery to have her gallbladder removed because it was angry (that’s what the doctor said) and helped her during the recovery process. There was an emergency event at work, which closed it down for a week. I was dog sitting that week and had extra walks, extra work outs and more time to relax and complete house projects. A year had passed since my brother died and it allowed me to reflect on a lot of things, as his death really influenced how I wanted to live this year and a lot of the emotional ups/downs were due to mourning and other family related events.

Madeleine Peyroux
pre-Thanksgiving dinner dinner with a best friend
Thanksgiving selfie with my mom!

December was warm and non-festive. It flew by, but I was still so giddy and excited for my mom and I to exchange gifts. I took a new approach to buying her something each month after her birthday (April) and adding it to a box I kept. Each item having a reason for purchase and some more sentimental than others. At the same time, I found other gifts for throughout the year for loved ones. You can’t just celebrate and give gifts at Christmas or birthdays!


2015 was quite a year. I had decided to do things I wouldn’t normally do and get out of a ‘comfort zone’. It made me aware of some selfish things I do and think about, it was brought to my attention and I resolved them. I wanted to be intentional and aware of everything I could. There were some days where I vegged and didn’t keep busy, but we all need a recharge at times! Since I ran into to having more time with my new job, I became aware of a lot more things I wanted to do for myself and for others. So, all in all, 2015 was like a year of rediscovery in some ways and now 2016 will be a year of putting things into place and even more accomplishment!

How was your year? What are some of your favorite events? What memories will you forever hold on to?


2 thoughts on “2015… the year of SO MUCH!

    1. Thanks, L-M! I even created a board in my room with goals and things, this ain’t no joke. WELL, if you ever feel like buying an impulsive ticket to see more of the east coast your train traveled through, let me know!

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