Happy New Year!

It’s 2016 and I’m looking forward to a new start, according to the calendar, and getting a lot accomplished!  I want to finish 2016 being able to look back and seeing a list of things that I did: fun and productive.

I’ve been working with a trainer and I’m looking forward to continue that, but I also plan to break off on my own and keep myself going with my fitness goals. I never realized the benefits of having a trainer and meeting other people who work with trainers (where I go). It’s an amazing community filled with encouragement, inspiration and knowledge. I welcomed it with open arms and I’m excited to go every time. It took several weeks for me to realize that an encouraging community was missing from my life and the importance of having one. It also encouraged me to create fitness goals for myself that were specific and goals that I never thought about achieving before.

I’m someone who enjoys a lazy day, can watch hours of t.v. and being sooooo lazy. It’s good once in awhile, but I want to get better at time management and remember to write in my planner if I did have a day like that and didn’t leave the house. I want to know how often I do these days, because I don’t want to over do them. My goal is to be more productive this year, 2015 was a restful year in some ways.

I used to do the 365 challenge on Flickr and enjoyed it. I haven’t thought about doing a photo challenge in years, but I am getting a new camera and should really consider it. In addition to taking a photo everyday, I want to write a paragraph about what I did and the meaning of the photo. A great exercise to look back on the year. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a weekly post on here and write, post to Instagram or use Flickr. Um, I’ll figure it out!

I didn’t write as much this year. I had more thoughts float around that I jotted down in my planner, but didn’t full on write in my journal. I am going to write more and get more out on paper. I did this all throughout my teenage years and it was such a healthy habit. I became an adult and got consumed with adulting. Simply. I need to be a healthier adult and write, daily.

I’ve been blogging off and on since I was 15. I never imagined professional blogging or making a career out of it, it was a hobby. I want to continue blogging for fun and putting my life out there. If something starts to seriously happen, I’ll welcome it! I don’t want to feel pressure or stressed over blogging. I am going to build the community a bit more, use social media more and even start a YouTube channel. Friends of mine have encouraged the YouTube channel for years and I never went through with it. Now that I’ve heard it enough times from various social circles, why the heck not?!

I have other goals that are more specific that I wrote throughout the last two months and I will write more about those as they take place. Some of which are using more of the make-up I have and not buy so much unless I need it. I might not keep my VIB Rouge status with Sephora, but Sephora doesn’t pay my bills or student loans! No sugar for the first 3 months. I want to completely remove sugar from my diet for awhile. There are three events that will take place (two in January and one in March) that I will probably enjoy a piece of birthday cake, but it won’t be a sugar free for all! I am in the process of setting up a short term and long term savings account, I need to go beyond my retirement fund and think about investments as well.

Most importantly, I need to grow closer to God. There are things I want to do in life and I need more spiritual obedience and discipline. I do want to write more faith related posts and haven’t decided if I’ll set up a whole other blog for them or create a page on here to house them. It’s who I am and this blog will represent that, but we’ll see how I incorporate it all.

Last night I rang in the new year with friends and enjoyed the socialization with some regulars and new people!  What did you do for new years?!

What are your goals? What do you look forward to in 2016?


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