Saturday Bits

Good Morning, Happy Brunching, Happy Saturday!

As you saw in the last post, so much has been happening! I try not to think/get too ahead of myself, but I’m looking forward to November and really slowing down! It’s my favorite season and need to leisurely enjoy it, not seeing it through my car window getting place to place.

Reads: I have three books going at once, one I’m nearly finished with. I’ve got two more waiting for more and a really long fiction book that I’m waiting to dive into. Once I dive into that there’s no going back and I’ll eat up so fast… I have issues savoring the story, i have to get it done!

Listens: I’ve been listening to a lot of Hillsong’s Young & Free in the mornings to dance around to while getting ready and I’ll probably pop in the new Hillsong Worship album while cleaning this evening. Otherwise I’ve had the new CHVURCHES and Ryan Adams 1989 cover albums playing.

Eats: Nothing exciting, just clean eating. protein! protein! protein! I’ve been enjoying recipes from PaleoLeap, which has quite the variety of seafood recipes that I can tweak to not include animal meat products. I have some serious end of year goals and that means protein, clean eating and very few cheats! Gotta make those goals 🙂

Projects: I need to seriously hunker down and get my Christmas projects done! I’m normally just finishing around this time of year or starting a last minute one. I’m behind on my dvr marathons and my projects are the only way I have an excuse to plant myself in front of the tv for so long.

(Speaking of, HAVE YOU SEEN SCANDAL AND HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER?! I just can’t believe what’s been happening. I’m not sure how I feel about Olitz, but Jake didn’t promise any better security. I just don’t know… ! I totally saw the students going again Annalise, is that how she spells it?, but didn’t think they’d plot to kill her and Nate get in on it too?!)

I’ve been doing well trying to refrain from buying sooo many new lipsticks. There are too many gorgeous colors that have been released for Fall.

Hey, can you believe that there are Christmas decorations out already?! I’ll admit, deep down inside I’m pumped to see them and start thinking about getting a few decorations out… but then I think about how Thanksgiving didn’t even happen yet. AH!

What Fall adventures have you been up to?

Admit it, are you excited to see Christmas decorations out already?!

What Fall show have you been watching/exciting to start up again?


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