I was originally going to say, “Have you ever just had one of those days where…” and then I thought, “of course whoever reading this had one of those days, WE ALL HAVE THEM.”

Today was a day where I really wanted to just walk out of my little work area, go into the ladies room, and stand in a stall and fiddle with my iPod.  Have a few zen moments.  Yeah, I definitely really wanted to do that.

Instead, I recalled how my madre taught me from an early age that “it could be worse”.  It could have been worse.  We could be 4 people short, instead of two.  I could be unemployed, but I’m employed and blessed to have the job that I have.

I texted my brother and we shared a few words.  In return he told me, “remember what you said to me last week?  I think you need to re-read that and apply to yourself today.”  I clearly recalled what I said and got all mushy inside thinking about how he actually read and thought about what I said!

It’s really important to remember that sometimes we have these rough and crazy days as a test.  A test to see how we’ll react: are we going to follow through with our silly emotions or are we going to stand strong knowing that this will come to pass?  That these moments aren’t what life is really meant to be, we have to make sure that we make something of them.



Tomorrow’s venture is telling my friend her birthday present is held up by customs.  Who knew Canada could be so difficult?

How was your day today?  Anything exciting happening soon?




2 thoughts on “sigh.

  1. My day (today at least) had a little detour. I was heading into the office, got a call that my wife was feeling sick, so I turned around and drove back home. Work is pretty nuts right now, so it left me flustered a bit…. 🙂

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