odds & ends

I wanted to share some parts of the internet that I particularly enjoyed this week.  Maybe you’ll enjoy them too!


Salmonella. 36 million pounds of turkey.  My reaction: Thank God I don’t eat meat anymore.  Those poor turkeys.  THOSE POOR PEOPLE.   Yes, I thought about the animals first.  For 25ish years I ate meat, so I can’t get on a high horse about this.  I purposely avoided information about what was in food because I was choosing my palate over being responsible.

Maryn McKenna wrote about how salmonella isn’t illegal to distribute.  This article is chockfull of information that, I find, is essential to knowing about our food and bodies: Resistant Salmonella: Deadly Yet Somehow Not Illegal



Super Kawaii Mama wore jeans this week for Jeans for Genes, a day for your to wear your jeans and donate funds to genetic research to help treat and prevent disease in children.  Check out the official Jeans for Genes site here.


This happened last week, but it still makes me giggle.  One of my best friends has created a 30 before 30 list of goals.  Last week she crossed #26 off the list: have a professional waxing treatment.  She lives in Glasglow and the wax treatment was called the Glasvegas.  Oh, why not?


Don Miller had two great posts this week about How to Live a Great Love Story.  He took the time to write to guys and girls.  Both are great reads, even if I’m not a guy.


There were great posts on Stop Chasing Skinny this week.

+ I had a brief love affair with dairy this week.  My face feels like it wants to blow up from the phlegm that has set in.

+ I have an unhealthy amount of cowl neck tops.  As far as I’m concerned, I’ll wear them till I can’t anymore.

+ I’m really excited season 5 of Dexter is coming out soon.  (I secretly wish I didn’t enjoy t.v. so much!)

+ I’m also pumped that Rio is coming out on dvd.  I grew up with lots of birds: Parrots, Military Macaws, Cockatiels, Parakeets, African Gray, Yellow Crested Cockatoo, maybe there’s another I’m forgetting.  Spending the time to teach them to talk or mimic certain actions are hilarious.  Disney creating a 3D movie with singing birds on an adventure = AMAZING.


How was your week?

Did you come across anything good on the internet?  


For good measure, a photo of Zoe, who can only say ‘hello’ and laughs (especially when she shouldn’t).  She’s also too familiar with the phrases “I’ve got your tail!” and “hey, get outta here!”

Zoe. She loves chicken, chocolate, cherry pits, and eating bananas from your mouth.



2 thoughts on “odds & ends

    1. I’ve watched this video once and have had it stuck in my head! LOL. I found myself just repeating “boogity boogity boogity amen” as I was rushing to do something this morning. However, maybe I can blame that on checking out Instagram before falling asleep and seeing that picture of your daughters! ahahahahhaha, so cute!

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