odds & ends

Between surviving my first earthquake, a black out, and hysteria about hurricane Irene I’ve managed to distract myself on the internet.

This gem is thanks to Dustin over at Abraham Chronicles (@dustinv on Twitter): Andy Samberg plays McEnroe, Agassi, Borg and more. You definitely want to watch the video.

After the earthquake, and being a church go-er, you might have thought, “uh, this Sunday’s service might be extra long.”  Not that that’s a bad thing, but you might not get your normal spot because of the attendance increase.  Most churches already canceled services

Bryan Allain provided us 7 Signs the Apocalypse is Nigh & Jon Acuff provided Earthquake sermon illustrations.

Watching the news this week has been eye opening.  The weirdest thing is seeing pictures of people at the supermarkets and hardware stores buying supplies.  You only see empty shelves when we’re getting a snow storm… it’s August and we’re not due for snow yet.

Since I’m moving in 2 months I will need some new furniture and new decorating ideas.  Emily from Daily Garnish made some alterations to a fabulous find for her baby’s nursery, How The Nursery Dresser Became A Bookshelf .  I’m seriously considering doing the same exact thing.

Technically, it’s still August, but Last Year’s Girl had put up her monthly mix already: summer’s final dance: last month’s mix, August 2011. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

Any good reads or finds on the internet this week?


Thank you to those who’ve been praying and expressed concern about my dad.  He’s nearly finished with this stage of delirium and has come to reality a bit more.  We’re able to carry conversations and review recent events with him.  Thanks to your prayers, he’s recovered much faster than doctor’s anticipated.


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