coffee! coffee! coffee!

This morning, at about 5am, I had the desire to down a venti iced Americano from Starbucks.

I have and on and off relationship with coffee.  Espresso, rather.

As a kid, I only ever saw my mom drink coffee.  She even drank that Pepsi Kona for a bit in the mid-90s.  She learned it from my grandfather.  “Hey Pappy, what exciting plans do you have for the rest of the night?” “Oh, I’m going to whatever western is on TCM and drink the pot of coffee I just made.”  I can’t imagine drinking a pot of coffee before bed.  Then again, he drinks weak Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s coffee. YUCK!

I didn’t survive on coffee in college.  It was a novelty for me, because I didn’t want to get addicted.  It was a treat for me to take a walk to the little local coffeehouse and enjoy copious amounts of coffee in one sitting.

France was another story.  I learned to LOVE coffee.  Mind you, my mom is a coffee snob, but France enhanced this learned trait.  I even learned to enjoy their instant coffee (once my mom tried the instant coffee their she turned her nose back down).  During my mom’s visit to France, we learned that I like even stronger coffee than her.

There’s nothing better than a strong black coffee.

Iced black coffee.

Iced flavored coffee.

Have you ever noticed that flavored coffee is always better iced?  You actually taste those flavors.  I’m sure there’s a science behind why that is.  Gevalia makes an AMAZING German Chocolate Cake flavored coffee.  I highly suggest you put trying that coffee on your bucket list.  Make sure to try it iced and hot!

Since turning more vegan, I’ve cut back on coffee.  I haven’t really needed it so much, but I just love the taste.  I also don’t do decaf.  I should, because some nights I crave the taste of coffee.  Also, I noticed that when I drink more than a 16 oz. cup of coffee I need to follow it up with an equal amount of water… or else I get the shakes.

When I get the shakes, I think of this Space Ghost episode:

How often do you drink coffee?

What’s your favorite coffee drink?

Favorite brand?


6 thoughts on “coffee! coffee! coffee!

  1. I just started makign cold-brewed coffee – from Stumptown. It’s awesome. So great that I blogged about it. Also, how about an affogato – espresso poured over vanilla gelato. Now that’s a caffeine and sugar high!

    1. Stumptown is really good coffee.

      Gelato is a weakness… when I decided that I definitely wanted to go vegan I had made a list of little exceptions. Gelato is #1. I’ve never tried an affogato, but I’ll definitely need to now 🙂

      Your Limonana looked delicious! AND the miso-brocco slaw. I have it book marked to try!

  2. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. hahahahaha.

    Super-strong coffee similarly goes right through me. We used to keep some Turkish coffee in the freezer. Other half drinks the stuff more than I do.

    My mum swears by McDonald’s coffee actually, which is quite nice over here. She was bitterly disappointed by her first Starbucks…

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