my week in food: lunch edition

I’m someone who likes to plan, but I understand that plans don’t always work out.  I also understand that some plans aren’t meant to take place.  But one thing I can plan is my lunch!

I make my lunch for the next work week over the weekend.  Sometimes I make the same lunch for the entire week, sometimes I make two different ones and alternative, and sometimes I prep for making it again during the middle of the week.  When I make another batch of sometime mid-week, it’s typically roasted veggies.  Roasted veggies are only good for about 2-3 days (3 days tops) after roasting them.  It also depends on the veggies.


Last week I made brown rice, coconut carrots (just cook the carrots in coconut oil, delicious!), roasted corn from Trader Joe’s, vegan falafel from Trader Joe’s, and a roasted tomato jalapeno hummus.  I had a good variety of flavor and textures that wasn’t too heavy, but kept me going during the afternoon slump and uninterested in an afternoon snack.

roasted corn, brown rice, coconut carrots, falafel, hummus


Lunch tends to be my biggest meal of the day.  I eat a light dinner, a piece of fruit, and get to the gym.  I eat more fruit in the mornings, because the natural sugars give me good energy and a boost without caffeine.

I have been making a delicious smoothie each evening, sticking it in the freezer, and when I wake up the next morning I take it out to start defrosting.

1 1/2  bananas

1 – 1 1/2 cup of frozen berries

about 1/2 c. of juice or water

about 2 T. of Nutella (YUM)

Blend it all together and enjoy!  I really like the thickness from the bananas, the tartness of the berries, and the hint of chocolatey-ness in the background from the Nutella.

Roasting veggies is my favorite.  You can use these veggies are the star of the meal, a nice add in, or a side.  They tend to be the main star for me.  I don’t get tired of roast veggies because you can add them to a soup, make a sandwich out of them, use them in a wrap, with beans, rice, quinoa, millet, or make them into a veggie burger.

In addition to my lunch and smoothie, I had some roasted veggies that were thrown into a spinach wrap.



These veggies I ate in about 2-3 days.  You want to make sure you eat them before they get slimy.

I have a variety of squash on my table that I’m excited to roast and make some soup with!  You’ll get that post once I’m back from vacation.

Have a great week everyone 🙂


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