7 Tour

Hello everyone!  I’m back from holiday and look forward to blogging about it!

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the 7 Tour.  Not only is it the Dave Crowder Band’s last tour, but it was an awesome line up with John Mark McMillan, Chris August, and Gungor.  I really enjoy all of these bands and their unique sound.  My brother has always said I’m into really ‘weird’ and ‘quirky’ music and knew that of all bands Gungor would be most debatable.  I was really happy to hear him say that we HAVE to go see them on tour in the Spring. Gungor did provide the most amazing acoustic set I’ve ever heard/seen.  Seriously, it was just amazing.

John Mark McMillan


Chris August




David Crowder Band


David Crowder playing the keytar


David Crowder Band playing some bluegrass


The most epic "How He Loves", all 4 bands/artists played


So what have you guys been up to?  Anything to share that I’ve missed out on?  (I’ve been away from the internet for approximately 4 weeks! Okay.. so I sporadically used it… but, I was mainly in the Rachelle Is On Holiday Bubble)


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