my week in food: London holiday edition

A chunk of my time in October was spent in the beautiful city of London!  I had the opportunity to take some time off from work and hang out with a good friend of mine, take an adventure to Paris, and visit some friends in Scotland.  During this time I had some amazing meals and indulged…

Upon my arrival my friend and I went to brunch at a cute little cafe on Streatham High Road named Perfect Blend.  I had ordered a traditional British (vegetarian) British breakfast:

mushrooms, scrambled eggs, wheat toast, hash brown, tomato, vegetarian sausage, and baked beans

I like mushrooms, but I wasn’t okay with eating them for breakfast.  Baked beans on the other hand… I could totally eat for breakfast!  This was such a cute, hoppin’ place to enjoy a meal and I especially liked the ‘I (HEART) STREATHAM’ t-shirts.

Later that day I entered the hipster neighborhood:

NOT a billboard notifying you that you are entering the hipster neighborhood

I later learned, and so did my friend, that this was an advert for Ginger Joe.  It wasn’t the best tasting ginger beer.  I’m pretty sure it was diet ginger ale in a mustachioed brown bottle.

I was introduced to EAT and I really wish we had that chain in the states.  They provide more vegetarian selections than most ‘fast food’ chains and are considerably healthier using real foods.  EAT will also donate the food leftover from that day to shelters so as not to waste food.  I really enjoyed the Vegetarian Gyoza Dumpling soup pot and the Rosemary and Garlic crisps.


I browsed the Whole Foods in Kensington and found that they carry/make (not sure which) a delicious vegan variety of mousse and ‘cheese’.  I purchased the Sun Dried Tomato Cheese spread and a Chocolate/Vanilla/Mint mousse.

vegan cheese spreads and mousses

The Chocolate/Vanilla/Mint mousse was absolutely delicious!  I was a little skeptical about the mint mousse portion, but it was soooo good.  I intend to recreate it in my kitchen… somehow.

We walked all throughout the Borough Market and I took a lot of pictures, eyed up a lot of good stuff, bought a delicious lunch, goat ice cream, and homemade jam.

By far, the best meal had was the take away curry from the Rajah Rowing Team.  Luckily, my friend is a curry snob and she knows how to pick good curry.  It was so good, I couldn’t budge to order something different and be adventurous.  The vegetable curry was THAT good.

vegetable curry, saffron rice, spicy cauliflower in tomato sauce

This was a highlight of my meals in England.  I wish we had Marks & Spencer food hall.  I wish we had EAT.  I also wouldn’t mind Australian coffee places (another post!).  I wish that Starbucks would serve Praline mochas.

Luckily, I am welcome to go back to England.  Gus didn’t mind me intruding his space and we became buddies.


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