some Tuesday honesty…

I was updating myself with the world and came across this article: ‘Single Bridezillas’: First Comes Wedding Planning, Then Comes the Groom.

My mind was blown.

Girl Genetics, as I call them, had hit me a little late in life.  There are some things that I wanted to do and experience unattached and not having to be concerned about another individual.  I believe reading hardcore feminist literature in early high school played a strong part in this delay as well.  Maybe that’s besides the point.

I played with Barbies as a kid, but I wasn’t obsessed with princesses.

I didn’t pretend that Barbie and Ken got married, nor did I marvel at the idea of marriage.

I didn’t dream of getting married as a little girl.

Sure, being that I’ve played a role in some wedding’s it’s given me a few things to think about.  I may or may not have a few executive decisions already made (and they’re totally up for discussion).  But I can’t even fathom planning my wedding and making all of those decisions and not even have a boyfriend!  Let alone a ring!

There are so many things someone can dream about and plan for, but since a marriage involves 2 people I just can’t wrap my head completely around this.  It’s funny and not so funny all at the same time.


Is there anything that you’ve dreamed of doing and have completely planned out?  Did it go as planned, horribly wrong, or even better than imagined? 

What are your thoughts on the Single Bridezilla concept?  

(is it bad or good that ‘bridezilla’ doesn’t come up on spell check?)



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