I’ve been in a rut for quite awhile now.  I’ve lacked serious motivation.  2011 was a busy year and there was a lot accomplished.

I’d like to think I’m just recovering from the year, but that’s a sad excuse!

So moving forward, I want to discipline my self better and create better habits to improve my productivity and creativity.  I’ve been writing more in depth about it in my personal journal, but I wanted to ask you:


When you’re in need of motivation, what do you do? 


4 thoughts on “motivation.

  1. When it becomes obvious that I’m really not going to get anything done, assuage my guilt by granting myself a “night off”. Chalk it up to the illness. Swear to do better next time.

    It’s probably not the right answer, but if I’m only going to be staring at a screen regardless I tend to forgive myself for it and invest my energies into starting over again the next morning.

  2. I want to keep motivated in my work aspect. So many changes, and all at once! The rug can only be pulled out from me so many times before I decide I just won’t get up anymore! Take it a day at a time!
    Also I need motivation to enjoy the summer months. Heat is the bane of my existence. I feel ill and sluggish. I’m not going to allow that!
    Always know that I am here if you need a lift! I love you!

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