My Recent Obsession: Australian Coffee

I started drinking coffee when I was in high school, but I didn’t learn the difference between good and awful coffee until I tasted the coffee in my university’s dining hall.  I became a Starbuck’s snob and a coffee house snob.  I made sure I spent my hard earned work study money on good coffee!  While living in France I was even more interested in coffee, even the instant coffee machines spouted out good stuff.

While in London, my friend had introduced me to Australian coffee: “I have a friend who has a great interest in coffee and has researched good coffee.  Apparently, the Australians do it best and get it right.”  I strongly agree with my friend’s friend.  Before walking around the Borough Market we had stopped at Monmouth Coffee so I can have this amazing coffee experience.

Monmouth Coffee in London

This macchiato was small, intense, thick, and creamy.  The amount of milk was small, but the coffee wasn’t the normal water/liquidy like texture.  I can only describe it as thick and creamy.  Life is too short for weak coffee.  This stuff was so strong that I’m pretty sure I felt my spine shiver.  Seriously!








I am now on a quest to see if I can find myself an Australian coffee house somewhere in the Northeast area.

When I googled ‘Australian coffee’ there was a list of Australian coffee phrases for me to choose from!  This was one of the best articles that I read: CoffeeGeek – Cafe Culture Down Under.  If you google ‘Australian coffee in London’ the results are MUCH better than ‘Australian coffee in America’.  I had no idea that Gloria Jean’s Coffees is extremely popular in Australia.  Honestly, I prefer Starbucks over Gloria Jean’s… at least here in the states.

Since I’m a hop, skip, and a jump away from New York City and Washington D.C. I had googled to see what those cities could offer, because these cities don’t let me down and always make a good day trip.  New York City offers The Milk Bar in Brooklyn and Washington D.C. offers Filter Coffee House & Espresso Bar.

In the mean time, I’ll dream of delicious coffee and continue sipping on my Gevalia German Chocolate Cake! (I’m a dark roast lady, but this flavored coffee is quite the exception).



What’s your favorite coffee?  Do you have a special order at a coffee shop?







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