Wednesday Confession

Sometimes I feel old.  Like, really old.

A teenager asking about why Madonna is singing about Vogue magazine.

Said teenager’s older brother asking me who the Beastie Boys are.

Me telling these teenagers that I remember when the internet was first accessible in homes… AND HOW SLOW IT WAS.

When watching The Whiz with these kids I was asked if I was alive when Michael Jackson went from white to black.  As I said yes, I smacked them.  AND I was laughed at because I knew all the words to last night’s Glee.


What/When was that first moment you had the I Feel Old Moment??


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Confession

  1. just today in fact… my kids have been watching The Land Before Time this last week. Then I looked on wikipedia to when it was released – 1988!? i watched and loved that movie when i was a kid. yikes!!

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