40 Days of Water

Each year I look forward to the Lent season and participating with blood:water mission’s 40 Days of Water.  For 40 days I commit to water being my only beverage and cease buying beverages for 40 days.  Any money that would have been spent on beverages is donated to help bring water to communities that go without water.  The first year I did this, I also took a good look at my finances and the money that I would spend on coffee.

When I had learned about communities that do not have access to clean water my heart broke.  It was a reality smack in the face moment, because I instantly reflected on how often I use water throughout the day.  It’s sad to know that so many children die each year due to drinking infected water.

If you are interested in facts and statistics, feel free to check out their slide show for 40 Days Facts.

I ask that you please consider drinking water as your only beverage for 40 days.  If you’re not sure that you can do 40 days of drinking water you can make a donation.




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