My last post mentioned how my emotions have been all over the place and it’s such an unusual spot for me. I’m finally in a very uncomfortable spot. A good uncomfortable spot. It’s also quite timely for just celebrating my 30th.

During my 20s I had a lengthy To Do List. Not a mental list, but one that was written out, revised, and had details below or to the side of the item. Only so many things were crossed off the list and that’s okay. I had some experiences get tossed my way that were amazing and heart wrenching, but they molded me and pulled me out of some comfort zones to get me ready for whatever was about to come next.

In 2011 I made a decision to move and extend my commute to work.  My commute became nearly 4 hours on some days and it exhausted me. I didn’t have much of a personal life and when I socialized I was making sacrifices with not getting as much sleep so I can still get some laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. done. My health wasn’t as good because I wasn’t working out like I used to and I was sitting for much longer periods during the day. BUT, doing that commute for about 4 years made me realize some strengths I didn’t know I had. It also introduced me to an amazing group of people: my Train Family (we even have a Facebook group).

In February I started a new job and I commute only an hour-ish, round trip, each day. AMAZING. However, all the small moments I learned to appreciate through the day/week with my former commute haven’t been lost. I only sleep in an hour later than before because I really want to drink that whole cup of coffee, at a leisurely pace, before work. I can also stop and get more coffee and chat with some friends before really going to work. Again, AMAZING. I’m truly blessed to have such a schedule and I will never take it for granted.

So not only do I have a new job, a new schedule for life, but more time to live life. I’ve been writing more, reading more, cooking and baking, spending time with friends, and I’ll do laundry during the week and not rush around like a mad woman. I can enjoy the moment(s). While spending time with friends I’ve had the opportunity to say ‘hey I’m starting to blog again!’ and discuss some writing ideas and the kind of content I want to have on here. When I started all this stuff way back when (when Last Year’s Girl and I had met) there weren’t labels like ‘lifestyle blog’ and this is just what I’m going to fall under. My hair stylist said I should write about my make-up and my routines. One of my mentors wants me to just write about life so others can read and feel inspired. A best friend said I need to put all my cooking and baking creations on here because she’s tired of just seeing the photos sent via text. A colleague said they’d like to read what I have to say about God and my relationship with Him, because our conversations/healthy debates were a ‘breathe of fresh air’ to our insanely busy days. I also like reflecting back on moments, tid bits of conversations, that just really amuse me or make me think.

I want to share all of those things with you!

So as my life is taking some new direction, this blog will be following me in that direction.


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