bits o’ this, bits o’ that

Bon Samedi!

Reads: It took me 3 or 4 days to read If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski. I believe in the mission of TWLOHA since I was in college and have always enjoyed the honesty and raw emotions expressed in Tworkowski’s writing. I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted so much in a book before, or it may be that it was easy to highlight so much since I read it via my Kindle. Not as many people have the honesty that Tworkowski does and being able to express it tactfully. 

Listens: I love listening to Hillsong United’s Empires. I’ve been listening to it every morning as I get ready for work. Otherwise I’ve had Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear and the new Passion Pit albums on repeat. 

Eats: I’ve been on a 30 day challenge to not go out to eat and prepare all my own meals. I hope that my two lattes don’t count! Typically I spend my Friday evenings at the local coffee shop playing cards and socializing with friends. My favorite barista cooks dinner and it’s a good time. 

Buys: I haven’t bought anything, but I have my eyes on the new lines of Vans. They partnered with Disney and I’m pretty pumped about these Little Mermaid sneakers. I plan to buy the Winnie the Pooh or Minnie ones for my mom!

I’ve really enjoyed Lily Pebbles daily vlogging! I’m sure it was quite the daily chore, but I’ll miss tuning in each day. It’s also made me create a list of new make-up items to check out. 

Lusts: Several Sunday Riley items.. OMG why must they be so pricey? I’m really considering two of these, as I need some amazing skin products… a little more ooomph than coconut oil! 

What have you been reading, listening to, eating or watching? exciting purchases?!


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