Saturday’s Bits

#SaturYAY  <— I saw that hashtag and I really like it

It’s been a really slow moving morning… we all deserve those, right? YEAH! Later today I am celebrating Bastille Day at the Eastern State Penitentiary. I’m really excited for the festivities and my friends wanted to get VIP tickets so we’re not part of the ‘heckling lower class’. My normal place in society is not with the snooty upper class, so I’ll need to behave myself.

Whole 30 has been going well! I’m feeling really good and have even made the effort to reduce my coffee intake. I started that about a month ago, but now I’m feeling it even more. I grilled my seafood/fish (this week’s proteins) on a cedar plank with some lemon juice, YUM! My mornings have been full of delicious smoothies… oh so good! I’m quite content without the dairy, carbs and sugar, but I do miss some grains/legumes.

On Monday I’m going a post that was suppose to go up on July 1st will finally go up. Turns out I scheduled these posts to go up, but forgot to hit another important button and nothing went up! I needed some better photos for this post anyways, so it all works.

I’ve really been enjoying the new Gungor album. SO GOOD. I’m a big fan of this band and really like everything that Michael and Lisa Gungor do and contribute to the creative world. I’ve also been listening to the new Jon Foreman EP and Joy Williams’ new album, Venus.

I’m waiting for my Champagne Pop highlighter by to arrive from Sephora! This is limited edition and I really wanted to get my hands on this… so I caved and splurged. In recent years I haven’t bought new make-up unless it was something necessary: new mascara, foundation or concealer. I need more lipgloss/lipstick and eyeshadow like I need a whole in my head. It’s taken a long time for me to get through what I have and when I’m at work I forget to retouch lipstick/gloss, so it’s really only on the weekends I get that in… whenever I go out. Anyways, I’m pumped that Jaclyn Hill had this opportunity and I’m glad she created such a beautiful color that works with so many different skin tones!

Alright, I need to start getting ready for my day!

How was your week? Any new events taking place? Any good tunes or good reads?


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