Silly Conversations

A part of my sanity comes from having amazing friends and the ability to have silly conversations with them.

Life would be awful if it were only serious conversations. YUCK.

So, this afternoon after discussing the ingredients to spinach dip and whether to use regular sour cream and mayo or the vegan versions (WHY?!) and it first lead to whether eggs are dairy or not.


My immediate searches said no, eggs are not a dairy product. The explanation made sense. BUT my reply was this:

Me: I know chickens don’t have nipples. But still.

Danielle: LMBO!!! and eggs don’t drip from their non nipples. lol hahahahhaahah. chicken nipples visual

<insert loads of laughter>

Me: eggs are a binder, like most dairy products. cheese holds things together. EXCEPTION: when sitting on top of sauce it can slide.

I had sent a link to a HuffPost article about eggs not being dairy and Danielle said the article would benefit from mentioning chicken nipples. Upon searching something about chickens having nipples I found this.

Danielle: LMBO! and why do you buy them with surge protectors???

This unintentional educational lesson taught us that baby chicks need to get their water from somewhere and that’s from poultry nipples.

IN ADDITION, regardless of the HuffPost article and whatever the internet/people say, do you think eggs are a dairy product? what’s your stance on using/not using eggs?


One thought on “Silly Conversations

  1. I stand my ground – eggs are NOT dairy products! Although, when considering diet limitations, I understand why some exclude eggs along with their dairy products. I just wish that the interweb would more clearly define the differences (in imagery), so that folks wouldn’t confuse the two.

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