a very late weekend wrap-up

Last week was exhausting and the weekend was full of things to do! Something was planned/needed to get done each night and I started dog sitting for a friend, so there were walks and feedings. I felt like I was baby proofing my house as I was picking things up off the floor and making sure doors were shut. It was a good week, just a lot of extra stuff.


Meg is pretty awesome.

Saturday morning was spent at the Peach Festival and enjoyed a dark chocolate covered peach from Melissa’s. The peach was sooo ripe and the dark chocolate was sooo bitter, perfect combo! Then I got some grocery shopping and food prep done. I wanted to take Meg out for a really long walk, but I was so burnt out from how hot it was in the morning that we both crashed on the couch for a while. Same thing we did Friday night, except Friday included a really long walk that made us crash. 

At the beginning of the year I started a project with organizing my closet. I thought i had the plan put together. Turns out I didn’t. I came up with more ideas and then started organizing EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. I had moved some things from my closet into the basement, went through clothes I have hanging now for donations, and I have some clothes packed away to clean and put back into my wardrobe. Below is what I thought would be organized, but it far from it.


Between hanging with Meg, prepping food, being outside, cleaning, and getting more closet stuff done… I was exhausted! Aside from my food prep series, I want to do one with my closet. I could also use other ideas and suggestions!


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