Make-Up Mondays: My Make-Up ‘History’

The briefest history I can write about my immediate make up influences and my love for make up!

I grew up watching my grandmom put on make-up. I’d sit on the fluffy tacky toilet cover of the 60’s and watch my her put on the trade mark red lipstick and bright blue eye shadow. It didn’t matter what my she was wearing, her face ALWAYS looked the same. Despite the fact that she had exactly 27 shades of red when she passed away and what seemed like an endless collection of blue eye shadows, I’m convinced she really used the same ones everyday I ever saw her. My grandmother had never let go of the Elizabeth Taylor a la Cleopatra look (she even had the black hair and brown eyes like Taylor). Because of her, I learned to never buy or put on blue eye shadow (or eye liner) and to appreciate the classic red lip look. 

My other grandmother, nanny, is blonde and blue eyed with a completely different make up routine: pinkish eye shadow, penciled in brows, more natural eye liner and a pearly pink lip. While nanny had her routine, it was definitely more ‘updated’ in some ways than my grandmom. 

I saw my mom put make-up on everyday and she’s gone through different stages: when I was really young she had eye shadows (purple range) and had deep pink lip colors. Then it evolved to a lower lash lined eye and purple-y lip colors to now deep pink to somewhat purple-y lip colors, lower lash lined eye and no eye shadow. I’ve always watched her curl her lashes and was repulsed by the habit. 

They all wore blush and I’m glad my mom had the best application. My grandmothers were a bit intense with the blusher!

Thank God for Vogue, because the pages of Vogue in my mid-teen years taught me a lot about make up application and that not everyone needed to commit to certain habits/routines (thanks for the 5 year subscription, mom!). I can’t recall EVER curling my lashes, I don’t need to (some people have openly express their disgust when I share this fact with them). It wasn’t until maybe junior or senior year of high school I started to use mascara and this is because one of my dear friends, Angie, said its the one make up item she wouldn’t live without! I was sold.

Make up is fun and allows room for creativity. While I do believe that each woman  is created with natural beauty (well beyond the face), using make up is a choice. I have fun manipulating colors and seeing what looks nice or needs work.

As much as I enjoy the application of make-up, there have been days that I’ve shown up to work, hang outs with friends and ran errands completely bare faced. If I’m in a hurry, I’d prefer to at least put concealer and mascara on!

It’s all in fun and interest as I bring forth reviews, all my own opinions unless stated otherwise.

If you have to leave the house in a hurry, what are your weapons of choice to quickly put on? Is there a specific person, relation or celebrity, who has influenced your make-up routine?


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