Saturday Bits

(where I wrap up my weekly reads, listens, eats, buys, internet reads/finds and anything else worth highlighting)

This week was a little challenging, I didn’t get enough protein in and felt tired. had some personal struggles with my day job and I’ve felt ‘behind’ on life, not so on top of things! All is well and I knew I would make it through!

So let’s combine some September Goals with my weekly bits!

30 Day Fitness Goals:

  • I’ve moved on from high planks to low planks (ugggh)
  • Running. I’m not a runner and I’m not trying to become one, but it’ll challenging my cardio routine.

Other 30 Day Goals:

  • I don’t consume a lot of dairy or sugar, but I’m monitoring my intake of food more and being conscience of the times of day I may crave X or when I feel like I need to get in Y.
  • Caffeine: I’ve severely cut back on the amount of coffee that I drink, but at one point when I didn’t drink coffee for a month I think my sleep started to become very disrupted. I started back w/ one cup and sleep got better. I want to cut back to maybe a few times a week.

Reads: I’m back to my reading routine and reading several things at the same time. How do people read on the treadmill or elliptical? Seriously. That’s a challenge! I’m still making my way through She’s Got Issues along with journaling. It’s really really making me aware of things and I’m so glad I opted to re-read it!

Listens: Anyone have some good work out music suggestions? Playlists? Pandora stations? I’m a bit bored in this department!

Eats: OH MAN. I had some delicious homemade peach cake last night at my local coffee shop with some great entertainment:


Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of dissecting some crab bodies in the dark:


Alright! Time to get a work out in, clean the bathroom, organizing my jewelry and perfume and get the car’s oil changed.

Events: I went to a live taping of the Gilmore Guys podcast at World Cafe. I’ll get a belated post up about that, but it was such a good time!

Anything interesting going on in your corner of the world?!


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