Tuesday Tidbits

So, I was going to write a What I Ate Wednesday post for tomorrow… I used to do those way back when and really enjoyed it. I ate my second breakfast, then my lunch and then while watching YouTube I realized I forgot to take pictures! Sorry, guys. Er, ladies. SORRY LADIES!


These things also happened today:

My eyes might have allergies. Must get tested.
I wrote down lots of new ideas for content with blogging and potential vlogging.
I kinda had a mixed bag of emotions kind of day, but then I called my grandfather and perked right up. He’s the best!

I hope you all had an awesome Tuesday!!

(Just felt like sharin’ stuff)

OH, P.S. Um, did you know that Danny from NKOTB is touring? With a solo project? I might need to buy tickets for this. It just sounds like an experience and memory I can’t pass up!


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