Make-Up Monday: beautyblender

Let’s talk about the beautyblender some more, shall we?

I wrote about my initial thoughts on the beautyblender I got for Christmas from my mom. In that post I mentioned that I’m really curious about the micro.minis and the bloterazzi. Well, maybe a week after that post Sephora had a good sale running and I had a gift certificate to use, so why not?!

I bought the micro.minis and they’re just so adorable! I instantly noticed the different between the texture of the micro mini and my full sized beautyblender, which is the pro (black).

I use the mini under my eyes and over my eye lids and it reaches the area better than using the full sized beautyblender. The mini covers the area more, whereas the full fized covers more area. I get the inner corners of my eyes and around my nose much better with the mini. Honestly, I don’t need the mini, but I wanted to try it. I really like it! Is it a necessity? Absolutely not. Would you really like it? YES.

Now, the bloterazzi I figured would be great to have because I have oily skin and I see it on my face throughout the day. I’ve been using it while at work and it is a genius product! If you purchase this you’ll no longer need blotting paper, no need to use a dry paper towel or carry around a brush for fixing. This really does the trick and will clean up and fix your make-up all while removing your oil. It’s a great $20 purchase: you aren’t throwing away blotting papers after using them because you are washing your sponges to re-use them. I think it’s more economic!

I quickly grew to love the beautyblender brand and have apologized to my brushes… I don’t know when I’ll get back to using them again!


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