Not WIAW – My Favorite Food Blogs

I did a crap job documenting my WIAW, so how about I share with you my favorite food blogs? YEAH!

These are blogs that I visit regularly, I read their posts and comment some times. That’s something I need to fix, I’m not always a huge commenter because I find other people already expressed my thought (I usually get to a post much later when I have to time to sit and read blogs). I can say this, these individuals are great with communicating with people in the comments! Recipe tweaks, or an issue someone ran into with a substitution or making substitutions to a specific diet… seriously, reading the comments are great with these blogs.
Jenn at Peas and Crayons is a riot. An absolute riot. I keep a mainly cheese free diet and live vicariously through her blog. If I felt like hittin’ the cheese it was her blog that I hit up for a good recipe. I don’t eat meat, but Jenn likes to give meat, veg, and vegan variations so she can satisfy as many people as possible!
Oh She Glows is another favorite! I love that Angela maintains a soy and gluten free diet, as I’m not a huge fan of soy and eating gluten free [consistently] feels great. I never had a bad experience with any of her recipes and her Spelt Flatbread recipe is memorized and made in minutes. It’s a great alternative to having a loaf of bread around, which I don’t keep regularly in my house, and it’s gluten free!
The Minimalist Baker is another go to because 1) you only need a few ingredients (the blog name isn’t a joke) and 2) I’ve never had cooking/baking fail with these recipes. Their biscuits = amazing. They are a creative couple and keeping up the variety in vegan baking/cooking.
Deb, over at Smitten Kitchen, is someone who I would love love love love to meet. I love her recipes and when I’m looking to have a cheat dessert it’s her recipes I go to. I’ve made her cookies, cakes and veggie dishes. One of my best friends does not care for sweet potatoes, but I made this and now Ann only likes those sweet potatoes. When I have the intentions of baking/cooking something from Smitten Kitchen I know I’m in for a treat. I don’t care what ingredients I have to search for (I moved to a small town, some things are hard to find. I love you, WF, come to Delaware!), I get what I need!
When I started reading Kitchen Treaty, I lol’d. I dated a vegetarian once, I ate meat at the time… it’s funny how I became a vegetarian about a year after we stopped dating. When I originally read the About section and how the vegetarian wife and omnivore husband needed a treaty in their kitchen… that’s why I lol’d. I’ve had great success with these recipes and really like the education posts. Like, black beans from scratch changed my life. The Vegan Peanut Butter Mug Cake recipe is memorized. It’s freakin’ great!
How Sweet It Is is an oldie, but a goodie (for me). I started reading this one about the same time I found Peas and Crayons. 1) She’s a Pittsburgh native (I have family out that way) 2) she’s hilarious and 3) she’s openly admitted to how she doesn’t like certain veggies or ingredients, but has learned to use them/like them. I used many of recipes, even tweaked them in some ways, and they’ve gone over great. I use her Gin and Tonic glaze on my g&t cake (such a genius idea, G&T glaze!) and sometimes just to put on cookies and other cakes… don’t judge. is a site that just makes me drool. This woman is so talented. So unbelievably talented. Her recipes are great, too! She inspired to want to ice a cake. I can tell you for a fact that her Bourbon Chocolate Tipsy Cake recipe has become famous in my  social circle. Specifically with the same friend who doesn’t like sweet potatoes. You should really browse this site and get lost in it. I have and it’s really inspiring to take a week off and spend it baking and eating cakes.
Cookies and Cups is another blog that I enjoy. I love how Shelly’s site has evolved and her cookie recipes… oh, the cookies! The recipes never end, they keep going and if I made all the recipes I wanted my waist line would keep growing too. The white chocolate lemon blondies have become well known at any social function I go to. I would only bring them in the summer time, but then they were requested over Christmas and I couldn’t say no. I like to eat them, too.
Gayle at KosherCamembert has such a great mix of recipes. She posts about food that’s fresh and in season, [Jewish] holiday food (reminds me of my great grandparents), recipes from around the world where she has traveled and ate, and a good mix of Israeli and Middle Eastern food. Gayle always has a story for her meals and shares these personal memories with you. I have not met Gayle, but we’ve communicated over the years via blogging and Twitter.
I’d like to give two special mentions to blogs that no longer exist: Peas and Thank you and More Quiche, Please. I read these blogs religiously for years and I miss them dearly. However,  I understand that they wanted to focus on their families and life… I just miss them!
So there you have it! My favorite food blogs to read and get recipes from. What are you favorite food blogs? Have you written any recipe posts? Link them below!

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