Saturday/Weekend Bits #14


Here I am sitting in the waiting room of the car dealership writing this. Last time HGTV was on and it brought everyone together: we chatted, we laughed, we started side conversations and it was a lovely time. Today there’s some golf thing, then an infomercial for 50s music and now something about J.J. Watt. I just want them to plug my tire as fast as possible!

Work this week was pretty hectic. I think it has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had at this new job. It’s been nearly a year and I’m still adapting to the environment. I’ve been journaling my way through it and plan to condense it all into a long post or a series(?). Changing from one organization to another, adapting to a whole new culture in the same professional field, how to recognize your strongest skill set won’t be your most used one in the new place and so on. What do you think?

Have you seen the new MAC range? FLAMINGO PARK? Something you should know about me: I really like flamingoes. I mean, if I exhibited my inner tacky lady I’d have leopard print and flamingo things around me. (I am rather tame, so thankfully I expressed my more refined taste). There are a few lipsticks I’m eyeing up and we’ll see if I splurge. Um, I need another lipstick like I need a hole in my head. It’s called Flocking Fabulous, how could you not want that? And this matte Rosy Pink, Please Me?

I have an asymetrical haircut and I have damage from being blonde last year 😦 I’m contemplating going for a lob. I haven’t had hair the same length in 4 years! I love my long asymetrical cut! It’s been a conversation starter with older women who either love the cut or tell me my hair is a different length with shock. Ugh, hair decisions! I do miss my fringe. This long layer no fringe stuff is boring and awkward.

Have you been watching X-Files?!?! I’m elated that they decided to do six episodes and at the same time I think, “ONLY SIX EPISODES?!” At least Gillian is on The Fall.

I’ve been getting bored during my workouts and I believe my music has a lot to do with that! Anyone have song or album suggestions?? A Pandora station?? I tend to skip around a lot on Pandora and I keep refreshing my playlists on my iPod and haven’t created a really really good one in a looooong time.

While watching YouTube the other day I saw the trailer for Me Before You. oh man. It took a lot of effort to control my watery eyes! I’ve taken care of people, senior citizens, who couldn’t care for themselves completely. My mom used to take care of a quadripalegic. Understanding that job and then the story line in the trailer… I just got so teary eyed seeing the book made into moving picture. It better not disappoint!

Anyways, what you have guys been up to? Any adventures? Exciting news to share?

<EDIT: I finished this hours after leaving the dealership waiting room. Turns out they mixed my car up with someone else’s and originally told me I needed new air filters, too. I didn’t need air filters and they felt so bad about me waiting and the mix up that I wasn’t charged for my visit! YEAH!>

Last weekend it was my friend Katie’s birthday:

ooops, well, it says O MY GLOB IT’S UR BIRTHDAY!

We made a pineapple stuffing Minnie Mouse waffle:

You’d think a room full of kids with college degrees could make a waffle. This was the best one.

It was great to see a lot of friends from college (again!). Then it snowed and we had a slushy morning on Thursday. When I left work you’d never have guessed the morning started out like this:


It was a pretty non-eventful week, but I did enjoy coffee and friends Friday evening at my local coffee shop:

my favorite part is the Lego guy.

I would have thought drawing version of Jesus had a longer beard? This is Sam’s Club Jesus:


The toilet paper aisle was empty so I had a lot of clearance to ride the cart:



My mom wasn’t embarrassed. She just acted like she didn’t know me after she took my picture.


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