Saturday Coffee Chat

I wasn’t sure when I’d get the moment to write this post, as I like to write my Saturday Bits post on a Saturday morning with my cup of coffee and I’m waiting on a friend to come over for coffee. I’d say there’s no such thing as too much coffee, but my arms shake when there’s too much caffeine. I titled it Saturday Coffee Chat… kinda more accurate, but we’re only chatting in the comments and normally this contains bits of information… ah, we’ll see where this goes!

Yup, I filled it to the brim.

Today I have a full schedule of studying for my life insurance license, running errands all over the state of Delaware and every so slightly over the PA state line, and prepping for my week. My goal is to get to Charming Charlie’s, Whole Foods, maybe Trader Joe’s?, the mall – Lego Store, Sephora, Macy’s, Game Stop, and I’m sure the Little Sister wants to get into other places, and at some point we’ll stop to eat. I always bit more off than I can chew when it comes to scheduling, but hey, let’s see how much I accomplish!

Has anyone else watched Grace and Frankie? I absolutely love the show and when Season 1 came out I watched it in a day. I told so many friends about watching that show and just how funny it is. I didn’t feel odd watching the show because I have grown up being around older people and having open conversation about life, our bodies, changes, wisdom, etc. I adore the older women in my life. Anyways, Huffington Post published a piece ‘Grace and Frankie’ Totally Nails What It Means To Be Getting Older and it’s all so true. As I read this article, conversations with my Older Lady Friends started popping into my mind about the issues they’ve faced in life. One friend I had dinner with recently included the topics of losing a parent and what we’ve experienced since that event, her having to insist that her daughter attends grad school across the country, and then I asked, ‘have you thought about retiring? You get SO busy.’ We have so many new shows coming out due to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but I must say I’m really glad a show like this has been created because these are topics that older women may whisper about or talk so openly about others feel uncomfortable. (just my observation).

I forget what I was searching for at the time, but I recently found the blog Sparrows and Lily. I love this blog! Lindsey is so transparent and relatable. I’m glad to have found the blog look forward to reading more of it.

So, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have totally drank the LulaRoe kool-aid. I own several pairs of leggings, a Nicole, and several Carly’s. I find that some of these pieces are great to match with more professional looking pieces to wear to work and then everything else is so comfy for the weekends. Lately as I’ve been browsing through some of the Facebook albums of groups I’m in, I realized that some of these prints are just… ugly. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some of these prints are just not cute. I’d like to find more prints that I like, I need to add more prints to my wardrobe, but sometimes stripes are even risky with some pieces.

I’ll be in Houston at the end of May. Anyone suggestions or must sees? I’m visiting one of my best friends and she’s having a marriage celebration/party. They married on a whim in Italy when visiting his family, but she wants a party!

I started taking the IT Works! Hair and Nails vitamins. An instagram follower had messaged me and so I wanted to support her business and my stint with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds had really depleted my hair. I need to take my Vitamin D everyday and I’m consistent with biotin, but I noticed a difference and it made me a little sad. So, Kellie contacted me and I’ve been taking these vitamins for about two weeks now. My only complaint is that you need to take them on a FULL stomach. I had a light lunch, took the vitamins and drank the full glass of water they suggest, but I still felt the nauseas they warned about. That’s just me, but I look forward to seeing the photos at the end of the 30 days and seeing a difference. I wish I took a picture of my bangs because I notice the growth there, for sure. My nails look great! That’s an after picture I look forward to as well. While I am an avid reader of Beauty Bets, her guest postguest post from Thyme is Honey really sold me. There weren’t many blog reviews that I found, but just only snippets here and there.

So what have you been up to? How’s life? Any suggestions for me? What new things have you been getting into?

bon samedi!


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