I’m feelin’ thirty twwoooooOOOOooOOOoOO

oh, c’mon! sing along to some T. Swift!


I turned 32 two weeks ago! It was soooo much fun spending the day at home going to my favorite food truck, see the Jurassic World Exhibit at the Franklin Institute (it has moved on to Chicago), walk around enjoying the gorgeous weather, and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

The day before my mom sent a text that said, “how about two birthday cakes? I was on a roll last night.” So, I had two birthday cakes. That’s a lot of cake.

While my mom pets the dinosaur, I’m the only one who followed directions. “LOOK SCARED!”
We did a better ‘scared’ while watching the T-Rex.



There was a Whole Foods pit stop and I tried this. Not too shabby.

The next day I had a few friends over for Breakfast Cake. It was great! We all had some homemade babka that I made, coffee, tea, and cake. OH YEAH.

My mom’s Momofuku Birthday Cake!

And then I went to Dogfish Head to tour, have some beers, and then went to their restaurant at Rehobeth. I really look forward to going back to the brewery and restaurant. I had SO much fun.



Welp, now that April and celebrating birthdays is done (well kinda, you can always find an excuse in July to celebrate your birthday again…) I can now sleep a little more and give my oven a break from a lot of baking.


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