Saturday Coffee Chat

My Anthropologie birthday gift to myself. Because I need another mug like I need a hole in my head!


Two weeks ago it was my ten year college reunion. None of us could believe it’s been ten years and some of us still got carded!

You know, it’s the little things like that that makes you laugh and make fun of your friends that got carded.

Anyways! My day job is in it’s busiest season and is THE busiest day and I’m still studying for some licensing with my part time job. In between to treat myself I’ve been watching some Netflix or Hulu with a face mask and painting my nails. I need to keep reminding myself that it’s very temporary that Me Time consists of shaving my legs. (let’s be real)

So in the last month I’ve been out to eat at some new places and some favorites. A favorite being Beau Monde and Cucina Zapata. Beau Monde makes great food, an amazing brunch, and has such a unique atmosphere depending upon what time of day you go. The evenings normally have an accordion player and the lights are dim… it’s a very intimate atmosphere. So you definitely want to go with good friends, a date, or to celebrate!

Cucina Zapata is one of THE best food trucks in Philadelphia and I love the people who work there. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve bought lunch or dinner there. I’ve never had a bad meal from there and you won’t either!

I just went to two new places for brunch recently that were really good: Caleb’s and Bernie’s.

I’ve already watched the second season of Master of None. Hilarious! I absolutely love Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim has some nice legs. I also watched Anne with an E because I grewup watching Road to Avonlea on Disney and my grandmother had me read Anne of Green Gables.

I’m still enjoying the new Spoon album, along with the new Cold War Kids album. I recently downloaded The Revivalists Men Amongst Mountains. I’ve been listening to The Revivalists in it’s entirety while driving long distance, but any other time I skip around. Definitely a good album. Last but not least, is the new album from Leslie Feist, Pleasure. OMG! I’ve enjoyed Feist since high school when I found her Monarch album in a bin in Repo Records in high school.

I’ve been on a little bit of a LulaRoe shopping spree. I bought an Amelia dress for a wedding and then I saw a Carly, an Azure, and three maxi skirts. Some people complain about the prices, which I understand, but the pieces are of good quality and you can buy various sizes and style them differently. I don’t own as many leggings as I do clothing. Some of the patterns hurt my eyes, but then there are some good classic pieces to own!

Welp, how’s life been? What are your summer plans? What you have you been listening to?


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