Tuesday Evening Wine Chat/Update

Oh man, all I write these days are life updates!

However, that’s about to change because my busy season is over and I’m about to hunker down for the summer to concentrate on taking care of myself and not being as busy.

Almost immediately after my work event I was packing for Texas and hopped on a plane. En route to the airport I was trying to remember which city in Texas Pee Wee Herman went to, but my mom proudly (and quickly) replied stating he went to the Alamo and that I’m not going to San Antonio. I got this look that basically said, ‘there’s no need for you to try and find Pee Wee’s truck stop or anything else Pee Wee related.’ She knows me so well.

One of my bestest friends, basically my sister, got married in Galveston/Jamaica Beach, TX and it was sooo much fun to visit and party. I got to meet some new people, eat lots of Persian food, enjoy some Texan BBQ, and take a little tour of my friend Sarah’s favorite Houston spots. (Sarah and I met waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back during our LiveJournal days).

I got back from Texas and was attempting to go to work when the right side of my bumper opted to disconnect from my car. I got lightly tapped in January on that side and something else must have tapped it (I know I wasn’t in the car and I’m the only one who drives my car). So, after I put the plastic back in place, put painter’s tape over it (it’s all I had), and drove home, I investigated further and put duct tape in all the right places and screwed those plastic screws back in. You know what infuriated me most out of this? I never realized how much plastic covers the car. I’m relying on plastic to save my life. And I found pieces of Styrofoam under other parts of plastic. I’ll spare the rant my mom listened (or pretended to listen) to, but I just can’t believe how much plastic makes a car.

I had a really hard time adjusting to being back on the east coast and facing work. I was running on Persian Time. I was going to bed during the early morning hours and sleeping for about 6ish hours and then starting all over again! I’ve basically relaxed, cleaned, did yard work, and planning for my next HCG protocol since I got back.

Oh, with the addition of attending Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds concert at The Mann. That’ll be a separate post!

For now, I’m writing this update with a trusty glass of wine and tomorrow I’ll have a post regarding all my whereabouts in Texas. I love Texas. It’s a beautiful state and has some of the friendliest people. I can’t wait to rent a place in Galveston for a couple weeks. It’s on my to do list. I fell in love with that island!



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