my week in food: Providence, RI

My family and I went away to Providence, RI for a change in scenery, beautiful water, smaller city, and to meet up with some friends from Boston.  Of course, I researched food and places to eat!  This was a good thing because the hotel wanted to charge you for the already cruddy continental breakfast.

I know the food truck scene is growing and it’s something that I’ve always been familiar with living in Philadelphia, but I was super excited to try these food trucks!

One truck I was absolutely determined to try was Like No Udder.  This truck provides non-dairy soft serve and vegan treats.  I had the peanut butter chocolate milk shake and it was absolutely delicious.  I also had the pleasure of seeing how delicious their vegan meatball sandwich looked and smelled.  (When I ate meat, I loved meatball sandwiches.  LOVED).  (I wasn’t able to snag a pick of the truck or my milkshake, it was crowded and I wasn’t going to risk dropping the milkshake or my camera!).

To try out Like No Udder I had attended Foo Fest and checked out the art scene that’s in Providence.  Foo Fest was really awesome and I had the pleasure of meeting some really awesome individuals as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Girls Rock Camp and if I lived in Rhode Island I would be a regular at Ladies Camp.  Also, if meeting a group of little girls who are thrilled to tell you about the instruments they learned to play, the songs they’ve written and what inspired them, and identifying themselves in the photos of the pamphlet they gave you isn’t awesome, then you have no soul.

That night I believe the entire city of Providence, and then some, was in center city.  WaterFire is a really awesome non-profit arts organization in Providence.  Not only did they light big chunks of wood in the water to create awesome lighting along the water, but there were a lot of installation pieces.  Towards the end of the night, they honored teachers throughout Rhode Island by having them walk with a lit torch through a path in the city.  All the new incoming teachers carried an unlit torch.  It was really great to  see how they were honoring their teachers and how so many people were there to cheer them on.

The entire face was made out of Q-tips and had lights underneath to light up. The face would dim and when you put a donation in the pop-corn bag it lit up again.

Back to food.

Before running into this^guy I had vegan/vegetarian food from Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ.  It was SO delicious!

Mama Kim'sMenu at Mama Kim's
Menu at Mama Kim's

I had the Veggie Pajun and Vegetarian Dumplings, while my brother had the Seafood Pajun and kept raving about how amazing the soy sauce is.  We both sat on a sidewalk and made silly noises eating our food and raving about the soy sauce.

veggie pajuns
the clearest photo of my veggie dumplings

As I stood in line I kept hearing people talk about how awesome the food is and whether they would try something new or stick with their regular.  Next time I’m in Providence I’d like to try the veggie rice bowl, they smelled amazing as people walked buy with them!

One place that I was really excited to try was Julian’s Providence and I’m so glad I saved that for last!  We tried to go for brunch, but being #50 in line and having to wait about 2 hours made us turn around.  My brother and I have already discussed coming making another trip to have brunch!  Sunday night dinner was spent at Julian’s Providence and it was a real treat.

the menu at Julian's Providence

My brother had ordered a chicken dish that he says was one of the best chicken dishes he’s ever had.  I would like to safely say that he had a honey mustard glazed piece of chicken on top of delicious whipped sweet potatoes with pistachios and goat cheese… and probably something else in there.

My mom and I had shared our dishes, because we wanted to try each.  Plus, my brother gave each a try and enjoyed them too.  Out of hunger, and excitement, there aren’t any pictures to provide of the cumin sage grilled tofu with a crispy black bean fritter topped with a celery daikon slaw and horseradish vinaigrette AND miso grapefruit glazed tempeh over pickled peppers and sesame somen noodle salad with mustard glazed asparagus.

I couldn’t resist dessert and had ordered the Ginger Saffron Creme Brulee with raspberries.

(some pictures were taken with my iPod and some with my camera)

So, that leaves me with really cool pictures of the bathroom from Julian’s Providence & their dessert menu:

awesome dessert menu
Pez dispenser collection
Star Wars figurine collection
When you sat on the toilet you could watch Queen in concert. HAHAHA.

If you go on vacation to a regular spot, where and what is your favorite place to eat? 

Is there a place you’d like to visit solely for the purpose of food?


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