What I Ate Wednesday :)

A big thanks to Jen @ Peas and Crayons for hosting each week!

I’ve returned back to my Banana Spinach smoothies:

I planted some herbs and tried to clean up the yard, but it’s hard to do when you are faced with such cuteness:

“oh hey, I’m just enjoying the sunshine!”

Instead of lunch I had lunch: lychees for dessert & Field Roast hot dogs!

Yeah, I kinda forgot the buns were toasting!

I joined my mom for dinner… she made her green beans and tuna.  You know how some things that are so simple just taste THAT much better because mom makes them?  Well, green beans are one of those things.  I’ve made some more interesting green bean sides, but there’s nothing like mom’s green beans.

Dessert? Well, lets just say I had some bites of this:

My nanny is quite the baker.  She should really own a business.  My family enjoyed this cake with layers of strawberries and bananas.  From what I tasted, there was a custard with the bananas and a cream cheese-y goo with the strawberries.  I’m not one for overly sweet stuff, this was a bit much for my taste buds!  It was quite the crowd pleaser!

So, do you pronounce ‘lychee’ as “lee-chee” or  “lee-chay” ???  I was taught the later, but I also had no idea the fruit existed till I lived in France.  I try to buy them whenever I see them.

I was really excited to eat my Field Roast hot dogs! I liked hot dogs as a kid until my dad told me this awful story about what is in them.  Luckily, I can pronounce everything that on the Field Roast ingredient label.  I tend to get really odd faces when I tell people about Field Roast sausages/hot dogs.  I’ve seen some scary looking vegetarian hot dogs, so it’s understandable.

Vegetarian hot dogs: YAY or NAY?  


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