What I Ate Wednesday: Snacks


Thanks to Jenn for hosting and for June’s theme!

Fact: Some of my friends became my friend because they’d notice my snacks and start talking to me or because I would offer some of my snack to them.

Now that it’s warmer outside, I rather eat cereal or overnight oats instead of toast, pancakes or anything that’s warm.  My local Trader Joe’s had a great deal on organic blueberries and they have been a nice addition to my oats:

(rolled oats, almond milk, splash of vanilla, agave nectar, blueberries)

Instead of consuming loads of coffee this week, I’ve reclaimed the extra 10 minutes I was using to apply more concealer to just make a smoothie for when I get to work:

(coconut milk, strawberries, raspberries, frozen banana, splash of vanilla, Vanilla Raw SunWarrior Protein Powder, agave nectar for taste)


(Field Roast hot dog, guacamole, black bean dip and hot sauce)

These are the best:

I loooooove these.  I also love that when I’m not having a lazy Saturday morning I can easily recreat them in my kitchen.  It’s great that you can easily get your hands on all the ingredients.  You can also improve the list of ingredients too! (that’s a future post!)

During my work week I tend to only have 3 basic meals and a smoothie.  I used to have fresh fruit as a snack between lunch and dinner… but then I got really busy and completely ignored the once daily snack.  I’ve been thinking about how  I need to bring that back.  My weekend snacking is normally pita chips & salsa or whatever fresh fruit I have lying around.  I should start snacking on more veggies…

Oh, and those blueberries are great with a scoop of SO Delicious Vanilla Bean coconut ice cream as a late night snack 🙂

Do you prefer coconut milk ice cream or almond milk ice cream?  

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Snacks

    1. They’re available at my local farmer’s market and every now and again I’ll buy a handful to keep at work. But I enjoy the challenge of trying to recreate them at home! Sometimes I’ve been successful and other times I’ve ended up with ‘fancy granola’!

  1. I haven’t had a smoothie in quite some time. I need to bust out my blender and make one though it is supposed to be 90 degrees this weekend! Perfect smoothie weather that’s for sure.

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